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We offer different ranges of high-performance dedicated servers, adapted to the most demanding needs of all companies. Deploy your high-resilience infrastructure. Customize your machine to suit your projects in just a few clicks.



100% focus around capital markets. Enjoy all the control, boost trade execution speed, and unmatched performance other servers cannot deliver. Use the benefits of a secure, low latency network. Ensure continuity of service for your customers.



By creating an infrastructure with ForexVPS® UK, you build a reliable technology platform for your business applications with the ability to interconnect your servers with other NextPointHost solutions.



When hosting your servers with ForexVPS® UK, you benefit from innovative and unique solutions across our entire infrastructure, such as water cooling for energy efficiency developed by our experts. We constantly anticipate your future needs.

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Automatically install a wide variety of Operating Systems, Control Panels, and Applications. We will install your Trade & Demo Servers in one Data Centre, and your Backup Server in another Data Centre to ensure redundancy in the unlikely event of a temporary outage.









Supported Payment Options

We accept a wide variety of payment options. Choose a favorite Credit Card, PayPal, or Bank transfer. We don't store your payment details!
All transactions are secured with End-to-end encryption (E2EE) between you and the payment processor.

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What is the delivery time of my server?

The delivery time is the time it takes for your server to be provided to you. This time period starts once you have paid for your order. Depending on the complexity of your purchase will have to wait from a few minutes up to 48 hours. It is given as an estimate and is not a contractual guarantee. Please note that we work hard to deliver products as quickly as possible.


What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a server where all resources of the machine are available to a single user. Unlike a Shared Hosting server, where resources are distributed among the respective users. The dedicated server allows you to benefit from all of the machine’s available RAM, storage, and computing power. High-efficient cloud computing can also be considered as "bare metal", highlighting the physical availability of the machine’s resources, in contrast to standard solutions based on virtual instances.


Dedicated server hosting benefits

By offering you more power and adaptability than other hosting options, renting a Dedicated Server Hosting is the best recommended for those who have a technical background, i.e. those who are comfortable with managing and configuring servers with root access. With a dedicated server, you can also be sure that you aren’t sharing space with a malicious website or a potential spammer. Dedicated hosting allows enhanced security, particularly important for handling sensitive transactions over FTP or SSL. A dedicated server allows you a custom-build server environment that fits your needs. You can choose the platforms and software from which really need. Allowing more control over all configurations. With a dedicated server, you have your own unique IP addresses. This is especially important if you are running an e-commerce site that processing credit card payments.


Can I change the hardware configuration of my Dedicated Server later on?

Sure, no problem. ForexVPS® UK dedicated servers use hot swapping technology for RAM, CPU, Disks, network adapters, and other components. In most cases replacement or addition of components to the system occurs through hotplug without stopping, shutting down, or rebooting the server. Please contact our Customer Support Department with your request. We'll inform you about the details, the fee we charge for the tasks, and coordinate the time with you when we take care of the maintenance.


What control panel do you provide with Dedicated Servers?

A hosting control panel is a tool that helps manage your hosting account and is especially useful for non-tech savvy users. You can install any control panel for a dedicated server. We offer you the cPanel admin panel at an extra cost. As well as LAPM and WAMP which are available free of charge. ForexVPS® UK engineers install the necessary operating system from the listed on our website, and the web hosting control panel free of charge. If extra charges are necessary they are used for covering the costs for software licenses of the product.


What can a dedicated server be used for?

There are many uses for a dedicated server: big data, machine learning, website and web application hosting, storage and backup, infrastructure virtualisation, server clusters, business applications (CRM, ERP), and online game hosting. This is why we offer several different dedicated server ranges, each of which are designed for a specific set of needs. Our sales and support teams will help you with your project, and can offer expert advice on which server to choose.


Can ForexVPS® UK dedicated servers be used for MetaTrader MT4 MT5 Broker Hosting?

Over 150 brokerages trust ForexVPS® UK with their MT4/MT5 deployments. All servers match MetaQuotes specifications and requirements. We build and support your entire trading ecosystem including servers, connectivity, network security, and sponsored VPS. Our servers all come with lightning-fast resilient configuration, ultra-low latency point-to-point fiber connecting our global data centers across the globe, and direct connectivity to any Liquidity Providers required.

Forex Dedicated Server Reviews

Our user trust is the first priority! Real customers opinions from the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Overseas Territories. Everyone trusts their forex dedicated server. Ultimate control, safety and performance. Behind every review is an experience that matters. Only real experience. We publish reviews in the form in which they are received, without corrections. No incentive or payment has been given to write a review. All comments express the author's personal opinion. In some cases, it may be subjective.

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(17 global assessments)
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Duncan Gray

Best Trading infrastructure.

— Duncan Gray —

Falkland Islands.
They keep getting better. Incredible help. Always ensured that any questions/problems are resolved quickly. The wide range of available locations at the key financial hubs and liquidity centres. New locations are added every year. Very helpful for the growth of our business.

Elaine Perrett

Compliant. Secure. Scalable. Fast.

— Elaine Perrett —

Forex® VPS® London provide market-leading access to exchange and execution venues across their global network. This in turn allow our company to deliver to end customers multi asset class trading strategies in FX, Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities and Crypto Currencies without care about technical aspects. We outsourced all technical work to their 24/7 support team. They do perfect job.

Louise Gorringe

Extremely satisfied with the service.

— Louise Gorringe —

Proven to be a reliable hosting partner for all our MT5 implementations. We were assigned a friendly account manager named Mira Reusen, who handled the process of sales, invoicing and service delivery perfectly. Everything was smooth, even after the fast delivery. She continue to provide wonderful help after delivery. She has proven to be very helpful in all areas and is one of the reasons why we choose Forex® VPS® UK as our infrastructure provider. 10-star experience!

Justin Moss

Ultra fast connectivity.

— Justin Moss —

British Virgin Islands.
I use a forex dedicated server for hosting MetaTrader MT4 / MT5 Trade Servers. Their performance is amazing. Support is even better. I really appreciate all of the communication, updates and flexibility that provides. Scalability is easy and all services are very cost effective. No more AWS! Forex® VPS® London is the best! They installed my Trade, Demo and Backup Servers three different data center locations without even requested that from them. Very professional behaviour in all details.Guranteed 100% redundancy in the unlikely event of a temporary outage.

Michael Coates

Cheapest forex dedicated server in London.

— Michael Coates —

Northern Ireland.
Currently we are using dedicated servers of “Forex® VPS® UK” in a few specific departments where our data is critical and at the same time, we need the flexibility of scaling, security and management. Our “MetaTrader MT4 Data Centers” and “MetaTrader MT5 Access” Servers are lightning fast. Performing extremely well in terms of efficiency as well as stability.

Highly recommended

Steven Spencer

Very helpful and flexible during the sales process. The server is very fast and technical support has been first class in 24/7 help with setup and migration. Highly recommend these servers. Thanks.

Very responsive support

Noam Clark

Very reliable servers and good support. Highly recommend. The support is very good and responsive. They helped me with the setup of my API engine. Thanks guys.


Robert Mayo

Servers were implemented quickly, at a time was easy and reliable. Everything went painlessly and quickly - and if there is nothing to complain about, it is flawless. :-) I will definitely use it again for my next project!

The best company I know

Amanda Waters

They are the best I know. The good news is that my business has doubled :) I started with 2 dedicated bare-metal servers. Now I have 5. I do not feel worried about support, it's the best.

Excellent quality at a reasonable price

John Boyle

Tristan da Cunha.
Very transparent and reliable company. These are the most important features of an infrastructure provider. They are not multi-billion dollar companies. Their attitudes and how they manage the business relationship are more important. Custom packages will meet your technical requirements. Just contact them. You will be very happy to see their efforts to do the best for you. I love this server. I will recommend it to my friends.

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